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The three most important considerations
when making a lifetime investment:

Credibility    Quality    Pricing

Credibility:  The Premier Line AGS Platinum Series Water Refiners have been engineered, built, and certified in the state of Florida, for the purpose of treating our unique Florida water conditions. In addition, the management of the AGS Water Corporation's service and technical department have over 30 years of combined experince serving Central Florida in the water treatment industry. Their many years of experience will assure you that every system is working properly and providing your family with the highest quality water regardless of the condition of the water being supplied to your home.

Quality:  The Premier Line AGS Platinum Series water filters are all designed and manufactured with the highest quality components available. Every part and component is tested and proven to exceed the industry standards. Every component carries the highest certification available from organizations that certify and rate them such as WQA, UL, and NSF. The control valve used on the Premier Line AGS Platinum Series V Refiner is a Fleck 5600 Control Valve. It's reliability has been well documented and it has been tested by regenerating every day for 27 years in abnormal harsh conditions. This would be equivalent to 100 years of actual service for the average family. Since 1953 Fleck control valves have been considered by water treatment experts, to be the most reliable control valve available. Fleck control valves have a proven track record of providing the consumer with years and years of trouble free quality water.

Pricing:  Though the Premier Line AGS Platinum Series water filters cost more to manufacture than most systems our competitors offer, we are committed to provide the public with a quality water system at a competitive price. A system can be built for less money and the consumer may not even know the difference for the first year or two. After that they will notice the difference but it's too late. They will then have to spend more money to get the system back to it's original condition. One way to distinguish a high quality system from a low quality system is the warranty. Check ours against theirs and you will see the difference in the quality of components we use. We offer a better product, supported by a better warranty, for the same or less money than anyone else.

Helpful Hints

Never buy a system not built in Florida. Systems will be designed to treat the water where they are built. Due to expensive certification costs it is not feasible to modify systems sold elsewhere. As we know Florida water conditons are rated the 3rd worst in the country. If you are going to treat Florida water conditions then you should buy a system designed to do just that.

Never buy a one piece system if it is to be installed outside. The backs are always open and debris, insects, lizzards, and frogs will get into your brine solution. Also most of the tops will blow away unless screwed down. Always get a system with seperate brine and media tanks.

Never buy a system with a digital face plate. In Florida we have too many lightning storms for this kind of a system. The brown outs and power surges from these storms, will make your system act like your VCR. Unless you know EXACTLY how much water you have used before the power failure you will not be able to reset it properly.

Never buy just a water softener if you are concerned about removing chlorine, chemicals, metals, and other contaminants from your water. A water softener only removes the inorganic minerals (hardness) from the water. In addition the chlorine in the water will damage the resin bed and will cause you to pay for an expensive resin rebed.


Premier Line
Platinum Series V

Designed for Florida Water

Built and certified in Florida

1.5 Cubic Feet Capacity

48,000 Grain System

4 Media Filtration

WQA Gold Seal Certified

Heavy Metal Resin
With Lifetime Warranty

High Quality Ion Exchange Resin
With Lifetime Warranty

High Capacity Activated Carbon
With 3 Year Warranty

Mechanically Metered Valve
With Lifetime Warranty

24 Volt Electronics
With Lifetime Warranty

Heavy Duty Tanks & Jackets
With Lifetime Warranties

1.05 Distributor

Lightning Damage Warranty

1 Years Service Warranty

*Our Competitors
Typical System

Designed for Other States

Built and certified Elsewhere

.75 to 1 Cubic Foot Capacity

24,000 to 32,000 Grain System

2 to 3 Media Filtration

WQA Gold or Silver Seal

No Heavy Metal Resin

Standard Ion Exchange Resin
0 to 5 Year Warranty

Standard Activated Carbon
0 to 2 Year Warranty

Mechanically Metered Valve
With 3 to 10 Year Warranty

24 Volt Electronics
With 3 to 10 Year Warranty

Medium Duty Tanks & Jackets
With 10 Year Warranty

3/4 to 1 Inch Distributor

No Lightning Damage Warranty

1 Year Service Warranty


* This is a general comparison of all units. The features we have listed are the most important to compare. Most quality systems will have 1 or 2 features that will compare with the Premier Line Platinum Series V Refiner, but they will not have all of these important features. We suggest that the best way to compare is to and ask them specific questions. Make sure you get all claims in writing. If you are not sure about the answers you get, feel free to call our office. The management of our service and technical department have over 30 years of combined experience in the Central Florida water treatment industry. They are very familiar with all the water treatment systems available and will gladly answer any question you may have about any system on the market.

Our primary goal will always be to help every family make the decision that they are most comfortable with. We will not use high pressure tactics to close you, we do not need to. We believe, that we can show you how our equipment exceeds the quality of any of our competitors equipment, and that our pricing is comparable to theirs. If we can show you that we will provide your family with a better quality product for the same or less money then it is not necessary for us to use hard close tactics.

As with any major purchase we recommend you check on the company you are considering with your local Better Business Bureau. There are various reasons that a company may not pay to belong to the BBB, yet the BBB will still inform you if that company, being a paid member or not, has unresolved complaints against them. Any company that deals with thousands of people is bound to have some complaints. What is important is whether the company takes the time to resolve the problem or not. Companies with unresolved complaints with the BBB, or have been dropped by the BBB tend to show a history of not addressing their customer's concerns No matter what excuse a company like this gives you, and believe me they will have some excuse, unless you want to be the next very unhappy customer, we recommend that you use extreme caution when dealing with them.

In addition we highly recommend you also check out the company with the Consumer Fraud Division of the State Attorney's Office. Always ask about past and present complaints. That number is 407-836-2490. In addition you can call the State of Florida's Consumer Services Division at 1-800-435-7352. These are 2 additional sources of information to help you in your decision.


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