Areas where the EPA has found EDB in wells.


EDB UPDATE is a monthly newsletter designed to provide continuing information and answer the most frequently asked questions about EDB contamination in Florida ground-water. It is compiled by the Department of Health and Rehabilitive Services (HRS), Department of Environmental Regulation (DER), Department of Community Affairs (DCA), and Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

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EDB Threat To Drinking Water Grows Daily

by Victoria Churchville
of the Sentinel Staff

Florida agriculture officials applied massive doses of a cancer causing pesticide to 10 times more land in the states citrus midsection than they first reported, the Orlando Sentinel has learned. . . .

That the number of Florida drinking water wells known to contain the pesticide is swelling daily and is the only certainty about this chemical crisis, state officials said.

. . . numerous federal health studies have linked it (EDB) to cancer, nerve damage, and sterility in humans. . . .

. . . the chemical, which federal environmental officials say is the strongest carcinogen ever identified. . . .



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