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Our body is about 70% water

"You are what you drink"

The water your body uses must be filtered. If you ingest contaminated water, your body's organs must filter out those contaminants. Therefore it can be said that:

"Either you use a filter
or you are a filter"


 AGS Water Corporation

Health and Water

Pregnant Women -Pregnant woment should avoid tap water, study says.
Executive Report -Florida water rated 3rd worst in country!
MTBE -Get MTBE out of our water!
Temik -Pesticides go unchecked!
Fluoride -Perils of Fluoride in Drinking Water.
EDB Update - EDB contaminates Florida groundwater.
Chlorine -....even the Chlorine used to purify.....is potentially dangerous!
Aquifer - Drainage Wells poison our aquifer.
Pesticides in Florida Aquifer - Central Florida's main source of drinking water.



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