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Premier Series
Standard Features

Multi-Media Filtration
Premium 1st Grade Resins
32,000 Grain Capacity
Heavy Duty Non Fiberglass
Molded Media Tank
Heavy Duty UV
Blocking Jacket
Fleck 5600 Metered Valve
24 Volt System
Sodium or Sodium Free
Tamper Proof Brine Tank

Premier Series
Standard Warranties

Ltd. Lifetime Warranty
Ltd. Service Warranty
Lightning Strike Warranty

Premier Series
Full House Water Refiner

"The Cadillac"
of the Water Treatment Industry

Tastes & Odors
And More....

The Premier Series Water Refiner will provide your family with high quality water throughout your home for years and years to come. This system is built in Florida and is ideal to treat Florida water conditions. With a Premier Series Water Refiner you and your family can enjoy the highest quality water throughout your home.


Since it's inception the Premier Series System has been the clear choice for Central Florida residents. The many standard features and the quality of water produced by this system make it the ideal system to treat the unique Florida Water Conditions. This system is engineered, and manufactured to provide the same or higher quality water than any other system available to Florida families. Every component in the system is of the highest 1st grade quality and is non-proprietory.  It is distributed by AGS Water Corporation of Longwood, Fl., a full service water treatment company. AGS Water Corporation provides Central Florida with one of the most experienced and respected management staffs in treating this area's unique water conditions. AGS Water is known as "Central Florida's Water Treatment Discounter" and guarantees that it's customers will receive the Highest Quality Product at the Lowest Price. AGS Water Corporation refuses to be undersold by ANYONE. With the commitment to quality provided by the manufacturer, and the commitment to customer service provided by the the dealer, it becomes obvious why the Premier Series Water Refiner is still Central Florida's first choice when it comes to selecting a quality water treatment system.




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