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Source of contaminants that get into the water.




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The Water Story

Water is formed in the clouds in it's purest state. It falls to earth and the pollution process begins. Pure water is very aggressive and it easily absorbs it's enviroment. As it falls it begins absorbing the acidic chemicals in the air. This is where the term "acid rain" derives from. The water then passes through the soil and again absorbs many of the pollutants it travels through. The water then collects in the underground aquifer where it absorbs the limestone that surrounds it. In Central Florida all the cities and counties and most private homeowners drill their wells from the Floridian Aquifer. As we all are aware we live right on top of our precious water source. As our state becomes more populated our aquifer is becoming more and more contaminated. If you do not believe there is a reason to be alarmed then we recomend you read the Orlando Sentinel or watch the local news. Many articles about the water quality have been written and reported on by the local news services in the past, and we are certain many more of these reports will be done in the near future.