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"Dear AGS Water Corporation,

My husband and I recently moved from Pennsylvania to Florida and were dismayed at the poor water conditions of Central Florida. We had considered a RAINSOFT model for our former residence in Pennsylvania and used that as a starting point in our research to find an acceptable, affordable water treatment system.

After being bombarded by several water treatment representatives and their "free" giveaways, we did a comparison of the different units, warranties, prices, and their service reputation. We compiled information from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Water Quality Association (WQA), and individual company sites. We asked neighbors about water treatment systems in the area. With these facts in mind we concluded that the AGS Water Corporation and their products were the best solution for our family's quality needs.

The AGS Water Corporation answered all of our questions with honesty and in a professional business manner. We can not say the same of the other water treatment systems.Tactics such as intimidation and personal affronts only lowered our consideration of these companies.

We are now enjoying the benefits of our new Premier series water treatment system. Not only does it cut our cleaning costs considerably, we can enjoy fresh clean water without the expense of bottled water. We would like to thank you, Fred and Bill @ AGS Water Corporation, for your patience in our persistence in finding the best solution in water treatment for our family. We look forward to a lifetime of great water."

Andrew and Nina Goddin
Longwood, Fl.

  "Dear AGS Water Corporation

After living with a water softener for two years in a previous home we really noticed a difference in the feel of our skin, the amount of soap products we used and the taste of the water when we moved into our new home just one month ago. There was such a difference in the quality and feel of the water that we started to do research into the various companies and their water softener/purification products after living here just one month.
My wife and I sat down with a few of the leading water treatment companies and asked lots of questions regarding their products, warranties, and customer service. After doing this type of face-to-face research we did our own investigation through the internet and found that AGS Water Corporation and their products and price truly stood out in the lead over all the other water treatment companies in Central Florida. To reinforce our findings and finalize our decision to purchase our home water treatment system we called Fred from AGS and he came out to our home and personally answered any detailed questions we had beat the competitors price by almost half and had the unit installed in just 2 days!
We noticed a difference in the quality of our water instantly. Now we only use 1/3 of the shampoos, soaps and laundry detergents plus were able to fill our own drinking water bottles instead of buying them at the store. My wife and I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all your time in providing detailed information about your equipment and wonderful service from sales to installation and beyond. We look forward to a lifetime of great water thanks to AGS Water Corporation."

Michael Woods & Candace Tweady
Winter Springs, Fl.

Dear Alfred,


After having completed the first of many planned trips in our motorhome this summer, I just wanted to take a brief moment and express to you not only our satisfaction but also our gratitude.  Our satisfaction is greatly due to the installation and working results of the water purifying system you installed a couple of weeks ago into our RV.  As I shared with you, prior to that installation, over the last few decades in which we have traveled the country in our RV, the biggest concern we have had, from city-to-city and state-to-state, involved water in general.  And, specifically, the quality of the water we used for washing produce, cleaning our dishes and cutlery, and drinking.  Now, thanks to the ultraviolet / filtering system you installed, hidden from the eye under our RV kitchen sink, we travel with peace of mind, where water is concerned.  The water even tastes great, too, no matter what it looks like before it gets filtered.

Our gratitude transcends the satisfaction of a customer you pleased.  We are, actually, grateful to have finally met up and done business with a man of your experience, caliber, and integrity in the water purification industry.  I have owned commercial property in Orange County and my residential property, now, in Seminole County, since the early '80s; and, consequentially, needed water purification systems at all locations.  I will not burden you with horror and disappointment stories I could tell you about my prior dealings with so-called professionals marketing water systems.  What I will state, though, is that you are the exception in the industry -- filled with honesty, trustworthiness, and honor.  Perhaps, however, most complementary to your business is your commitment to customer support after the installation.  You are, thus, refreshing; and for that, we are grateful to have met you.

My whole family and I thank you for your product, service, and integrity.

Very truly yours,

Anthony Speroni
Anthony R. Speroni, N.D., N.H.D.
Doctor of Naturopathy
Doctor of Natural Health

Board Certified

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