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Platinum V Features Removes Compare Install Pictures Endorsement


The Finest Warranty
in the Industry

*Lifetime On:
 All Tanks and Jackets
 Ion Exchange Resins
 Heavy Metal Resins
 Valve Body

*10 Years On:
High Capacity Activated Carbon

*3 Years On:
Free Service

**The AGS Lightning Damage Warranty

AGS Water Corporation is proud to offer every customer, free of charge, Lightning Damage Warranty. Central Florida is the Lightning Capital of the Western Hemisphere. To insure that any customer who owns a Premier Line Plantinum Series V Refiner, will never have to pay a deductible fee, or insurance rate increase, due to lightning damage to their system, we warrant your system against such an occurrence.

* Non Transferable. All restrictions are
explained in the Warranty received at the
time of installation.
** AGS Water Corporation, at our discretion, will repair or replace any part, or parts, we deem necessary, to again make operable any Premier Line Platinum Series V Refiner damaged by lightning in the state of Florida. AGS Water Corporation's liability under this warranty will be limited only to the damage to the Premier Line Platinum Series V Refiner. AGS Water Corporation will be held free from any and all other claims of damage, incurred directly, or indirectly, from such an occurence. This warranty is not in effect during an official Hurricane, or Tornado Warning, issued by the National Weather Service.


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