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Why Do I Need A Water Treatment System?

Water Hardness


You can easily see the effects of this in your home.

You see these deposits.

  • Spots on Dishes
  • Spots in Sinks
  • Spots on Cars
  • Debris in Your Ice Cubes
  • Spots on Your Shower Doors

You see the damage they cause.

  • Scratches on Glasses
  • Scratches on Fixtures
  • Clogged up Plumbing
  • Dull Silverware
  • Frayed Clothing

  If you answer YES to any of these questions then you may need a water treatment system.
Are your drinking glasses, dishes, and silverware etched and spotty?
Are your shower doors etched and spotty?
Do you buy Jet Dry for your dishwasher?
Do you buy Lime Away Cleaners for your shower doors and tile?
Are your faucets and sinks scratched and spotty?
Do you need to buy window cleaners for mirrors and windows?
Do you have to dry off your car after you wash it, so you don't have spots?
Are your ice cubes cloudy?



Is your water like this?
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