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*"Hard water ruins plumbing at an
estimated $2.7 billion per year."


The average home contains thousands of dollars worth of plumbing and water related appliances.*Studies have shown that in Central Florida the average family needs to save $12.00 a month to replace plumbing and appliances, damaged by hardness and chemicals in the water. A water refiner can *save your family about $6.00 per month of these expenses.






*"It costs the average family $40.00
per month to heat their hot water."

Average family of four with an electric hot water heater.

Your hot water tank uses two 4,500 watt elements to heat your water. That is a total of 9,000 watts of power when both elements are being used. Hard water cakes the elements and destroys your hot water tank. A New Mexico State University study determined that treated water can save you 21.68% of hot water heating costs. That means that a water refiner can *save your family about $8.00 per month on your electric bill.




  If you AGREE with any of these statements then you may need a water treatment system.
I would like my plumbing and appliances to last twice as long.
I do not want to keep spending more money on my electric bill every month.
I do not want to have to fix leaks in my water lines.
I do not want to be replacing my sink and toilet fixtures every few years.
I do not want to be changing elements in my hot water tank every few years.



Is your water like this?
FREE in-home water analysis. ( A $60.00 value)

*Cost and savings projections are the result of independent testing and research conducted by :The University of New Mexico, WQA, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ohio State University, Progressive Management and Consulting, The Water Quality Research Council and others.

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