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"Cooked foods are affected by the
by the chemicals and harness in your water."

Foods cooked in hard, chemicalized water absorb these contaminates. It makes them taste bitter and causes it to wrinkle and get mushy in texture. Vegetables cooked in refined water stay firmer and have a sweeter taste. Pasta, rice, and other starchy food will get sticky and clumpy when cooked in hard, chemicalized water. Pasta, and rice cooked in refined water will stay more firm, not be clumpy, and taste less starchy. Pancakes, bread, cakes, and cookies made with refined water are fluffier, and better tasting. Refined water will remove the fat from meats, chicken, and fish better than tap water. Coffee, tea and juices made with refined water taste better and are less bitter.





"Are you sure of the quality of
the bottled water you are purchasing?"

Most families in Central Florida purchase bottled water to drink. The EPA did a study and determined in nearly every sample tested the quality of the bottled water was no bettter and even at times of a lesser quality than tap water. Though it may taste and smell better, as it will typically not have as much chlorine as your tap water, it usually comes from the same source that your tap water does. A water analyst can come out and test it for you. Having a properly maintained water filter eliminates the need for bottled water and is the ONLY way to be sure of the quality of your drinking water. The average Central Florida family *spends $ 9.50 a month on bottled water. A water refiner can *save your family $ 9.50 a month and give you peace of mind about the water your family is drinking.

If you use bottled water you need to read the
bottled water reports in our Health Section.


  If you answer YES to any of these questions then you may need a water treatment system.
Does your pasta get sticky and soggy when you cook it?
Would you like your rice to be light andnot clumpy when you cook it?
Do your peas, and carrots shrivel up when you cook them?
Do you purchase bottled water to overcome the tastes and odors of your tap water?
Would you like your pancakes to be fluffier when you cook them?



Is your water like this?
FREE in-home water analysis. ( A $60.00 value)

*Savings projections are the result of independent testing and research conducted by :The University of New Mexico, WQA, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ohio State University, Progressive Management and Consulting, and The Water Quality Research Council and others.

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