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Hard water spots require special cleaners,
and a lot of time to clean up.


*"The average family spends an extra
80 hours per year
cleaning, due to hard water."

source..Ohio State University

It seems a shame that so much of your valuable time, and money is wasted cleaning up after your water. When soap mixes with hard water it leaves films, rings, and hard water spots that require special chemical cleaners and more of your time to clean. A water refiner rids your family of this problem. In fact, every time you use your water it is like having a maid clean up behind you. A water refiner can *save your family about 80 hours per year of your valuable time.






*"It costs the average family $10.00
per month to replace clothing damaged
by hard chemicalized water"

The average family *spends $400.00 per year in replacment clothing, linens, towels, etc. When you wash your clothes in hard water the tiny particles cut the clothing fibers. That is why there is so much lint in your dryer. It is like rubbing your clothes on rocks to scrub them. In addition, soap mixing with the hard water and leaves your cottons hard and dingy. This causes you to spend more money on fabric softeners, whiteners, and bleaches. A water refiner eliminates the need for these extra cleaning supplies, and since it removes the hardness particles your clothes will *last 30% longer. A water refiner would*save your family about $10.00 per month on clothing replacement expenses.





  If you AGREE with any of these statements then you may need a water treatment system.
I would like my clothing, towels, and linens to last 30% longer.
I do not want to keep spending more money and time cleaning up after my water.
I do not want to have to use special chemical cleaners in my bath and showers anymore.
I do not want to keep finding as much of my clothing fibers in the lint trap of my dryer.
I would like my clothing, towels, and linens to be soft and fresh every time I wash them.
I would like my cottons to be whiter and less dingy, without using bleach.



Is your water like this?
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*Savings projections are the result of independent testing and research conducted by :The University of New Mexico, WQA, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ohio State University, Progressive Management and Consulting, and The Water Quality Research Council and others.

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