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Read The Labels!

It's chemical warfare every time you use your washing machine or your automatic dishwasher.


Ingredients in A Typical
Box of Detergent
10% Cleaning Agent
7% Corrosion Inhibitor
33% Chemical
Buffering Agents
49% Chemical
Water Softeners

Every time you spend $5.00 on laundry or dish detergent you are spending $4.50 to treat the water so the $0.50 worth of chemical cleaning agent is able to work.


"Soft water is necessary for a bright, clean wash....... Unless the water is soft, the minerals in the water combine with the soap and will be deposited on clothing as a curd or scum...."

GE Washing Machine
Owners Manual

" Water may be softened in one of two ways :
1. By means of a mechanical water softener.
(water refiner)
2. By use of a packaged water conditioner."
Whirlpool Washing Machine
Owners Manual


Typical soaps & cleaning supplies found in homes

Laundry Detergent
Dishwasher Detergent
Hand Soap
Shower Gels
Shaving Cream

Floor Cleaners
Rug Cleaners
Scouring Powder
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Tile Cleaners

Fabric Softener
Hand Dish Soap
Liquid Hand Soap
Window Cleaner
Spray and Wash

These cleaners can be reduced or eliminated with a water refiner.

*"The average Central Florida family
spends $44.00 per month on
soap & cleaning supplies."

source..Progressive Management Study

When was the last time you counted all the different types of cleaning products you have in your home? I will assure you there are quite a few, and the worst part is that most of them are only designed to combat the water you use to clean with.
A detergent is not soap. It is a combination of many chemicals design to overcome, to some degree, the hardness and chemicals your water in order so that a small amount of cleaning agent will work. If you read the owners maual that came with your washing machine, or your automatic dishwasher, you will see that you must soften your water either manually, with a water refiner, or chemically, with a detergent in order for your machine to work properly. Soap will not work properly in hard water. That is why people used to trap rain water to clean with. Before there were detergents people only had soap to clean with and soap will not work well in hard water. Today we live in a world of convenience, so we purchase expensive detergents to clean with. Unfortunately, they are barely effective. This is why you must buy bleaches, spot removers, and fabric softeners to add to the already expensive detergent you are using. Now comes the worst part, after all of the money you spend to clean your clothes, they are still full of harsh, irritating, chemicals. Smell your clothes. Can you smell the detergent? If you can, then your clothes are still full of all those chemicals you use to wash with. If you hold your detergent in your hand for 1 minute, you will begin to get a chemical burn on your hand. This is the reason that at times your skin itches, turns red, and is irritated under your clothing. If your clothes were washed in refined water there would not be any detergent left in them, and you would not have to use all the other chemicals you use to combat the condition of your water.
There is not a chemical cleaning product that will clean better than pure water and pure soap. Every day thousands of people witness this when they have there water tested by a professional water analyst. AGS Water will challenge any product you have against refined water and soap! In fact, we can show you how refined water alone, with no soap, will clean better than your products. This is not a new concept, our grand parents knew that when they were children.
We will also show you how you can discard 90% of the chemical cleaning products you are currently using. Since the majority of these products are designed to combat the condition of your water, they are not necessary when you have clean, refined water in your home. In addition, you use much less of the products you do use to clean with, as most of the ingredients in the detergents are there to chemically treat the water. After your water is refined you are able to use 60% - 75% less and get better results. If you use 1 cup of laundry detergent now you would use 1/3 of a cup if you owned a water refiner. A water refiner would * save the average Central Florida family $35.00 a month and do a much better job of cleaning.





If you AGREE with any of these statements then you may need a water treatment system.
I would like to have cleaner house, clothes, and dishes.
I want to stop wasting money on the chemical cleaning products I currently need.
I do not want to have to use chemical cleaners to do my laundry.
I am tired of my skin being irritated by my clothing.



Is your water like this?
FREE in-home water analysis. ( A $60.00 value)

*Savings projections are the result of independent testing and research conducted by :The University of New Mexico, WQA, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ohio State University, Progressive Management and Consulting, and The Water Quality Research Council and others.

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